10 Things People In Luxury Retail Know To Be True

Jul 17, 2017

If you work in luxury retail whether it's a boutique or a department store you can somehow relate to this....

  1. You were probably relieved when you noticed that some of your co-workers were 45 and over because that means less cattiness right? WRONG you will learn very soon that they are the pettiest people in your store
  2. Your co-workers feel a sense of entitlement all because they have clients with money....the gag is, it's their money, not yours take it down a few notches boo boo
  3. If you weren't a people person before then it's about to get worst.
  4. Witnessed multiple meltdowns
  5. At least once someone in HR has tried to belittle you/and or embarrass you but since it's a union job you ripped them a new asshole and got back to work *twirls*
  6. You make H&M look like all the other expensive shit they sell in there, so you often get customers asking "oh my god who are you wearing?!"
  7. You get a customer who is on a tight budget, so you spend a half hour trying to find "affordable pieces" while someone next to you just sold a Fendi fur.....G I R L! (a lot of us somehow ditched the customer cause lets be real as a sales person time is money!!!!)
  8. You see the girls come in with their old ass sugar daddies (I loved seeing that)
  9. When someone would swear they didn't wear something but when you look in the garment her dirty draws in there
  10. You came out with connections and opportunities OR you came out with nothing but you learned a lot about people. 

This list could on but we'll keep it at 10 


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