Benefits Of Drinking Coconut Water

Jul 10, 2017

Drinking coconut water has a ton of benefits but I'll just mention a few...

-Balances blood sugar-
-Improves blood circulation-
-Burn fat faster-
-Helps dissolve kidney stones-
-Increases heart health-
-VERY hydrating-
-Supplies energy-
-Cures bad hangovers-
-Great for your skin-

If you're someone who doesn't like the taste of coconut water it's totally fine, the very first time I had coconut water I didn't like the taste at all but then I got used to it and now I'm obsessed with it, it's all I drink ! If you still haven't grown to love it here are some ways you can add it to your diet.

Cold brew here
Chia seed water here
Popsicles here
This interesting/super healthy drink here

Also I like adding it into my juices/smoothies instead of almond milk or water (coconut milk is great for smoothies too). Make sure you're buying organic coconut water. Certain companies will add sugar so pay attention to those ingredients ! I buy mine at Trader Joe's and if I go to a regular supermarket I buy either ZICO or Vita Coco. I've never tried the recipes above so watch out for my Snapchat/Instagram story I'm going to be trying them out !

Oh oh !!! I JUST found out that Trader Joe's just made coconut water cold brew but it's only available during the summer ! (screaming)


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