Dinner & Drinks

Jul 30, 2017

A few months ago I was working at Rag & Bone, in March I had planned to leave because management was the absolute worst, BUT this beautiful blazer came in and it was love at first sight.  So I thought I'll stick around for Spring "trade" (allowance for Rag & Bone clothes) get it with this blazer and then dip. Spring trade came around and I put in the request for this blazer and it so happened to be the most expensive blazer there so it would probably take up most of my trade. The shitty manager we had agreed because she thought I was going to wear it and she knew it would sell if I wore it but little did she know I was spending my trade and putting my two weeks in. I figured I deserved it since I had to deal with so much BS while working there so I'm like you know what?  This can be Rag & Bones farewell gift to me. About a week after I spent my trade I put my two weeks in. So basically I got a free $650 blazer without having to wear it to work in shoes that wouldn't go well with them (shoe selection in our store kinda sucked, and obviously couldn't wear Gucci shoes). AND I also added in free camel suede Chelsea boots that were $450.

Moral of the story treat your employees well so they don't start scheming.

Thank you to the managers at Rag & Bone King of Prussia for the farewell gifts xo

p.s. everyone has to go to Sampan, the food and drinks were amazing.


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