"Your Thirties Are Your New Twenties"

Sep 29, 2021

 I’m noticing a lot of immaturity with people in their 30’s, I saw an article a while ago that said “your 30’s is your new 20’s” …that shit made me cringe. People that are about to be 30 or are already in their 30’s are bringing old behaviors and habits from their 20’s into their 30’s. 

If you didn’t experience any loss/real consequences for whatever messed up behaviors/habits you had in your 20’s, you’re gonna bring that shit into your 30’s. Since I was a kid I used to hear people say “the older you get the harder it is to date” yea, they’re absolutely right because these immature 30 somethings (or about to be)…are applying alllll those same behaviors to other 30 somethings, and what happens ???? 

Those people are calling you out/or leaving you over shit that no one called you out on before…most of the time people that reach their 30’s aren’t as willing to change/work on themselves because in their eyes it’s been working for them all these years…why change it? 

Soooo what do they do instead ???

They start dating people that are still in their 20’s cause they know they’ll put up with more and won’t call you out on shit, just how you liked it in your 20’s.


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