Engagement On Instagram

Oct 3, 2021

I was never someone that cared about my engagement on social media because I didn’t need to until now. Ever since I started my business I started noticing things about my social media & why people in general might not have the best engagement. 

First of all the biggest issue is the fact that people love following people just to watch, If people are just watching your story consistently but never like or comment on any of your photos they’re fuckin weird, unfollow them. I had people following me that watch my story like it’s their religion but haven’t liked a post in over 2 months. Instagram is certainly a place where your haters & stalkers come together. 

Look through your followers, get rid of anyone that hasn’t posted in forever especially people that still watch stories despite removing all of their photos from their page. One time I had over 50 inactive accounts following me. Get rid of fake accounts, spam accounts, etc. a huge follower count doesn’t matter if most of them are inactive or spam accounts

Check who you’re following & how many people are you following. I never understood people that follow 1,000 or more. There’s no way you’re going to interact with over 1,000 people. That’s called a serial follower, you follow a shit ton of people thinking it’s going to bring you more followers & engagement….well it’s not, for people to engage with your account you have to be engaging also and you’re not doing that if you’re following over 1,000 people. Now Instagram has a feature where it shows you accounts that you interact with the least, you can find it at the top of your following list. 

When I had over 1,000 followers I brought it down to 500 and recently I've brought it down to 383 and my engagement did increase because I actually have a genuine following and not just a bunch of spam/inactive/watchers. So if you're someone with a business or maybe you just care about your engagement, try cleaning out your Instagram every 6 months. 

You're welcome.


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