Karma & Your Goals

Oct 10, 2021

Have you ever seen someone want alllll of these amazing things for themselves but they can’t seem to obtain them? There’s plenty of reasons why that happens but one thing I think people overlook A LOT is their own energy and their karma! 

You cannot be a liar, sneaky, manipulative, have bad intentions, be a narcissist (let’s call it snake energy) …you can’t have SNAKE ENERGY, and wonder why your life isn’t turning in your favor !!! 
Think about how you’ve treated people in the recent past, think about how you treat people now! Karma doesn’t always look exactly like what you did to someone else. Karma can come to you in many different forms and that’s why people don’t always believe that it’s happening to them. Karma can be just as trifling as you, so while you’re working or “trying” to get certain things in life make sure you’re working on being a better human so those things you want are attracted to you. 


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